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I am a gentleman and a scholar first and foremost.

I am an educator, homeschooling two teenagers. I am a scholar, reading every chance I get. Expanding my knowledge is my main objective. I am a professor, making YouTube videos on a WIDE range of topics. I am a pro-gamer – DoTA 2, Starcraft 2, CSGO are my games of choice. I am a day-trader, trading stocks, options and futures. I am also a magician, a slight of hand expert.

My knowledge is worth its weight in gold. My research is beyond reproach. If I don’t have the answer you BETTER BELIEVE I have several contacts within close reach that do have the answers. Usually I have the answer however.

Scrivener is my platform of choice, I cannot say enough good about it. I organize all my work within the bowels of Scrivener. The software allows me to write all day without missing a beat. Anytime inspiration strikes I am but a tap away from documenting it.

I read A LOT! I have amassed a Mendeley research library that rivals PhD Professors. Leaders are readers and I am most certainty a reader which makes me a GREAT LEADER!!

I work to expand my knowledge on a daily basis. I have a super brain. My insights are golden, my research is beyond reproach, my wisdom is without limits.

I chew up novels for breakfast. For lunch I gnaw on scientific research papers. My midnight snack is any number of dissertations on topics ranging from psychology to theoretical physics.

Between all the reading I do, I still manage to churn out written work like a well oiled machine.

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