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The death of Shiloh

A beloved pet dog Shiloh was tragically killed last week. The dog was 12 years old and was a family pet to those luckily enough to be apart of the Downer family.
Early Tuesday morning a 45 year old Robin ran over the dogs neck and half its face. When April the dogs mother found him he was gasping for air. She tried to gather his smooched body to run him to the vet but it was too late. Shiloh took his last breath in April's arms.
Shiloh was a spunky dog. Always running around playing. He used to sleep in his aunt Jana's hair at night. He would purr like a kitten. Jana would always get tickled when Shiloh would lick her ears at night. She will miss Shiloh waking her up every morning with dog kisses in the face.
How could someone be so dumb to run your dog over. Well Robin is that crazy she will do it.
Shiloh had a ceremony and was buried in a family plot.
RIP Shiloh.